Medical treatment for Hair Loss

Million of male adults throughout the world experience such an unpleasant problem as permanent hair loss. This state appears generally after thirty years old, though sometimes it can be noticed earlier, without any objective reasons. Today’s orthodox medicine, luckily, offers a lot of treatments that are effective in short term and give obvious positive results.

Possible Reasons for Hair Loss

Medical treatment for Hair LossDo not blame genetics when notice your scalp bald. The list of possible reasons is huge. You might be surprised to know that there are such states as:

  • Deficiency of necessary hormones (for example, because of hypothyroidism).
  • Trichotillomania (the bad habit associated with nervousness and connected with plucking hair out of head). After some a man can notice a bald on his head. The good news is that normally hairs are recovering after the habit disappears.
  • Autoimmune disorders associated with attacking of immune system on our own body tissues. This specific state may destroy the follicles and lead to the disrupting of hair life-cycle and finally to a constant or permanent hair loss.
  • Virus, fungal and bacterial infections. Hair loss is often caused by particular agent, Tineacapitis. Though, in theory it can be associated with any infection.
  • Hair loss may be the consequence of chemotherapy. This problem is usually temporary, but practically because of general problems with health scalp may stay bald for a long time.
  • Side-effects from taking certain medications, such as hormone supplements, anti-thyroid, anti-coagulants, anti-convulsing agents.
  • Deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients, especially protein and B12.
  • Permanent stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Hereditary or pattern bald, which is also a cured condition in a today’s medicine, although no any treatment can definitely help.

How to Treat Hair Loss?

At first, the problem should be treated as soon as possible. If you have already noticed that your hair is falling out, try to stop it or at least prevent further hair loss by few simple measures.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Give up smoking and drinking and start exercising to reduce stress and toxins and improve general health state to trigger body recovering.
  • Change your hair-cosmetics and vitamins. Take a special care on your problem. If you notice an increasing hair-loss, purchase new vitamins for hair or consult a doctor and try some prescribed medication.
  • Choose most popular and efficient over-the-counter treatments. Famous Minoxidil is now added to numerous spray, shampoo and cream textured hair-cosmetics. Though, it is considered that it works only when used by patient. Minoxidil is perfectly supplemented by any remedy with Finasteride. Pills empower hair growth and give more visible and constant effect than Minoxidil.
  • One of the most radical solutions is hair transplantation. The operation is quite expensive, like a plastic surgery. And despite of the high price, it does not give immediate result. New hair-covering starts to grow only in 6 months (however, with almost 100% of guarantee). The technology is continuing to develop, that is why a lot of men are planning to do it.
  • If the process of hair loss has just started, you may try a laser. Light therapy perfectly helps to save that hair-covering, which still remains. Although, it may not help us to grow new hair. Today’s lasers are easily controlled with the special devices and may be used even at home. The recommended frequency to see results quickly is 3 days a week, for 15 minutes a day.


This treatment is approved by scientists, doctors and, what is more important, by FDA. Different offers of generic Propecia may be easily found and purchased by any customer, without prescription at Also you may find it in a drug-store. Though the consultation with your doctor is recommended. The active ingredient of pills blocks the dihydrotestosterone production (that hormone destroys hair follicles). Remedy helps to recover hair and fertilize scalp. It is quite effective and shows results in 3-8 months, but Propecia should be taken permanently, almost on the everyday basis. The stop in taking may lead to a disappearing of a positive effect and further fall out of hair.

Unfortunately, there are some unwanted side effects, associated with taking Propecia. One of them is loss of a sexual vigor and impotence.


Other popular pills for hair loss treatment contain finasteride, a hormone which helps to convert dihydrotestosterone. There are some side effects from Finpecia taking (similar to Propecia). The medication does not restore hair covering, but prevents further loss of them. A recommended dose is 1 pill per day. It does not matter when to take Finpecia. It may be taken before or after food with a pure water. The treatment may last for 3 months or for longer periods. Online you may buy Finpecia in UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Russia and other countries. Visit website to find more information about this drug.


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