Prostatitis. Causes Of Prostatitis And Treatment

Prostatitis is men disease, that often disturbs them at the age of 25. If we pay attention to the statistic, more than a half men have chronic form of such disease. What is the reason of its origin?

The cause is that lots of man afraid of the word “prostatitis”. When they notice the symptoms, they didn’t visit a doctor to solve the problem. And it leads the disease to a chronic form and it is very hard to fight off.

What prostatitis means scientifically? That is the inflammatory state, that appears in prostate. It means, that it can be transferred into a chronic form very quickly.

The inflammatory tissue changes their structure and the functions of the tissues and cells changes greatly. All these changes can be the cause of serious consequences.

That’s why it is very important to notice the symptoms in time and to come to a doctor for professional help.

The causes of prostatitis

There are lots of causes, by which the disease can appear. You can read about them at the page Here we must mention the most important:

    • Feeble immunity. Firstly, the inflammation can be caused, when the secondary immunodeficiency progressing. And that will become noticeable in a feeble immunity.
    • Disturbed blood circulation. Congestive phenomenon in a small pelvis can be a cause of irregular and promiscuous sexual behavior, long abstention, coitus interrupts, alcohol and cigarettes abuse.
    • Chronic injuries of perineum. Injuries, that gets the drivers and horsemen play a very important role. 70% of men suffer from prostatitis, because their work is connected with great physical activities or with transport. Constant vibration and jogging are the reasons of prostatitis progressing.
    • Prostatic adenoma. Nowadays there are a lot of men, who have prostatitis as the result of adenoma progressing. In such case you must take the cure with antibiotics and it will help you to destroy the inflammation in urinary tract.
    • Virus. Often the main reason of disease is herpes. 70% of men have such a disease by the cause of sedentary lifestyle.
    • Sedentary lifestyle. Anchylosis also can be the reason of such a disease. Here we can add alcohol abuse.


  • Sexual continence or abuse. Negative consequences of sexual function can be masturbation or long sexual continence. Wild sexual life also influences on the prostate negatively. But it is hard to estimate the best frequency of sexual acts for every man, because it is individual.

Prostatitis. Causes Of Prostatitis And Treatment

The methods of prostatitis treatment

The disease can be eliminated individually, but you mustn’t do it without doctors consult and full inspection. The reasons of its progressing can be different, so you must know the factor of plaque formation.

The question of how to escape the prostatitis disturbs a lot of doctors. We must say, that there is no single recipe, that’s why the cure is individual and it depends on the disease state and its reasons. But if you want to know more about the treatments, you can read such article

Despite the acute form of prostatitis presents a strong sensations of pain, it is easy to suffer it and to bring the health back. The chronic form of disease requires long and detailed treatment.

If you want to be free of disease, you must change your lifestyle. Firstly, you must move a lot. Secondly, you must do morning exercises, because they will help you to improve blood circulation. And the third is hiking and running. Although such exercises will help you to be in good physical form.


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